Introducing Wevorce – A better way to divorce


I am proud and excited to be among the first associates to offer a brand new divorce service to my clients and to Louisiana. Check out Wevorce – a better way to divorce! Wevorce is an innovative technology and mediation company dedicated to changing divorce for good by keeping couples out of the courtroom.

High-Tech, High-Touch
Your Wevorce architect (that’s me!) is an attorney and mediator trained to help spouses in conflict resolve the legal, financial and parenting issues between them. All of our meetings will be conducted in-person in the comfort of my office. Before and after these meetings you and your spouse use the Wevorce software to guide you through the process. This easy-to-use software allows the Wevorce team to concentrate on you and your family’s needs instead of paperwork, making the process more efficient and less expensive than a litigated divorce.

Clear, straightforward pricing – from the very first meeting.
With Wevorce you know how much your divorce will cost. The straightforward, flat-fee structure makes it clear what you are paying for — and exactly what you will get for your money. No retainer. No hourly billing. Just one, simple, flat fee.

Living for the Future, not in the Past
With the Wevorce five-step process, you start your new life now instead of going to and from court fighting the same old fights. Together, with your Wevorce team, you and your spouse will create a co-parenting and support plan and divide your assets and debts in a way that works best for your family. With Wevorce, you make the decisions, not the judge.

The Support You Need
Unlike traditional litigation, the Wevorce process provides not only legal support, but also financial and mental health professional support to help you make these life-changing decisions. When you finish the Wevorce process, you’ll have the necessary legal documents to complete your divorce and the tools, knowledge and agreements to get you started in your new life. Divorce is an end. With Wevorce, you can begin again. Call now to learn more!